I am an experienced carder and I need people to set up a highly profitable business. I need responsible and reliable people who want to earn some money. I get a lot of fresh and tested cloned ccs each day but since I cashed out an enormous number of ccs by myself before, feds are watching me so I use to sell it now.

The business model is the next:
You pay $129 before I ship a card to you and another $100 after you receive the card, shipping included. Why do I do so? Because I have to be sure that you are willing to do business and won't scam me. My safety here is that I am sure that your intentions are serious and your safety is that you invest just a half price. Both parties win.

Cards are the clones of gold credit cards with PIN and about $3000+-500 available. Cards can be used at ATMs, online, shops, restraints or whatever else. All the money you withdraw from the card is 100% yours. My job is to get a cc, your job is to withdraw cash from it. Simple. You will get encrypted instructions how to safety withdraw cash with your first order.

If you need cc faster, I can ship with FedEx or DHL, it costs $25. Delivery period is 2-5 days. Overnight shipping - $45. If you want, I can put any bank logo and emboss it with your name for extra $15. Tracking number is provided with each order.

Mail me your inquiry to ccguru@safe-mail.net. Don't forget to put your order details (quantity of cards and shipping method).

I accept payments in Bitcoin and Perfect Money only!



Please, read through FAQ carefully before asking something!

You can see videos proofs below and make sure the cards I am talking about are absolutely REAL, also I demonstrate some of my equipment.Videos are in chronological order, newer videos first.